Yes this is yet another blog about networking and SDNs and all this shiny stuff.

Mostly I will write about Contemporary Linux networking et all, but might also dive into the worlds of Cisco, Juniper and the like. Things like iproute2, ifupdown2, VXLAN, VRFs, OSPF, BGP, MPLS etc. might come up now and then…

Who am I?

By day I’m working as a Senior Infrastructure Architect in the central computing  department of the University of Paderborn / Germany, by night I’m hacking on the infrastructure of the Freifunk Hochstift network and some Open Source projects.

Since the early 2000s I have a heart for Linux and Open Source, developed a weaknes for networking, IPv6 and routing a long while a go and have beed a speaker and tutor at the #Routingdays. Lately I’m getting my hands dirty with ifupdown2, VXLAN, Linux VRFs, infrastructure automation with Salt Stack and “kommunistischen Frickelnetzen” and am afraid of SDNs ever since.