My First Network – FrOSCon Network Track

Every year in August the Free and Open Source Software Conference (FrOSCon) takes place in St. Augustin, Germany.  2018 I started organizing a Network Track designed for a broad audience of Linux folks, system administrators and developers to answer questions about networking topics they were afraid to ask or didn’t realize they wanted or had to know! As the lines between system engineering and network engineering keep on blurring it’s getting more and more important to broaden the focus in both worlds, keywords being things like SDN, IP-Fabric, Segment Routing etc. here.

This page provides an overview of all talks given in the FrOSCon Network track within the recent years.

Network Track 2018

The track started with a lecture about networking basics and over both days advanced to technically more sophisticated topics following a red line.

On Saturday the focus was on Layer 2 and Layer 3 fundamentals (Ethernet switching and routing), dynamic routing protocols as well as the Linux packet-filter. Sundays track started gently with VLANs, Bonding and Bridging and advanced to more sophisticated topics like policy-based routing, VRFs, Open vSwitch, Segment Routing and Software Defined Networking. The track concluded with an overview about Best Current Operational Practices and a Q&A sessions.

All these talks are – thanks to the nice folks at CCC-VOC – available on Video at (german audio) as are the slides (english):

Day 1

Day 2

  • Adv. topics in Layer2/3 – Light and dark magic with the Linux network stack  (Video) (Slides)
  • Segment Routing  (Video) (Slides)
  • Open vSwitch – The switch within your machine  (Video) (Slides)
  • Best Current Opertional Practices – Dos, Don’ts and lessons learned
    (Video) (Slides)
  • Building your own SDN – The penguin orchestrates the network  (Video) (Slides)
  • Grand Q&A  (Video)

Network Track 2019

Day 1

  • Anycast all the things – Lastverteilung im eigenen Netz (Video) (Slides)
  • Open Source SDN- Mit SaltStack und Netbox zum automatisierten Netzwerk (Video) (Slides)
  • Wir bauen uns einen (Wireless) ISP (Video) (Slides)
  • Linux Paketfiltering reloaded (Video) (Slides)

Day 2

  • OpenSource-Tools for network and automation (Video) (Slides)
  • Was Du schon immer über Netzwerke wissen wolltest, Dich aber nie getraut hast zu fragen (Video)

Network Track 2020

Day 1

  • DataCenter Netzwerke ohne Vendor-Lockin selber bauen – Kaleidoskop eines kontinuierlich gewachsenen… (Video) (Slides)
  • A networks introduction to SIP (Video) (Slides)
  • SIP debugging (Video) (Slides)

Day 2

  • Angewandte Netzwerk-Grundlagen reloaded – Von Layer 1 – 3 (Video) (Slides)