FFRL Routingdays – Learn to build the Internet

Over a year ago we (the Freifunk Rheinland Backbone Operators) organized the FFRL Routindays, a two day event where we gave a hands-on trainig on “How to build the Internet” or any internal network. As of periodic quesions about where to find the slides and videos here’s a summary of all media available of this event.

The event has entirely been in german language, as are all slides and lab guides. This is provided in the hope, that it still might be of some use even for non-german speakers.

The building blocks were

  1. Networking / IP basics
  2. Static routing + bird hands-on Lab
  3. OSPF
  4. eBGP
  5. eBGP -> OSPF redistribution
  6. iBGP
  7. Policy-based Routing

The complete slidedeck is available here. Thanks to the CCC VideoOperation Center, there are recordings of the event avilable on media.ccc.de, too.

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